Event for strength, sports and fitness enthusiasts

APCON Finland gathers different physical sports under one roof so you can experience them in one place with just one ticket. The event inspires and motivates people of all ages who are interested in working out and improving their physical condition.

The following competitions will be organised at the event: Strongman Champions League, PCA Finland’s fitness and bodybuilding, Rebel Open Throwdown in functional RX sports, Rebel Power powerlifting by International Powerlifting League and FPO as well as Suomen Streetworkout Ry’s competitions. The Strongman Champions League competition is part of the official competition tour 2019 and televised on MTV’s channels. It is the industry’s largest international competition tour in the world.

The programme includes Exhibition Cage strength training shows and lectures on nutrition, fitness and physical sports by the top names in the industry. The event gives access to those who are interested in improving their physical condition to all the information and support they need as well as the equipment and outfits needed for different sports.

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