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Event for strength, sports and fitness enthusiasts

APCON gathers different physical sports under the same roof for you to experience them in one place with just one ticket. The event inspires and motivates people of all ages who are interested in working out and improving their physical condition. The programme includes Exhibition Cage strength training shows and lectures on nutrition, fitness and physical sports by the top names in the industry. At APCON you can find your sport, inspiration and information as well as the equipment and outfits needed for different sports.

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Explore the competitions organised at the event

Strongman Champions League

Strongman League competitors are the strongest man in the world. They compete in the sports such as farmers carry, vehicle pull and tire flip.

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Rebel Open CF Throwdown

This competition gathers best competitors in Europe to battle from the Rebel Open -title and the cash prize of 30 000 euros all in all.

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PCA fitness and bodybuilding

PCA brings fitness and bodybuilding to APCON with pro and amateur divisions. Competition categories vary from juniors to masters. Fitness model competition is also one of the fitness competitions in the event.

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Rebel Power powerlifting

World’s toughest lifers’ will show their best performances at the stage in APCON from Friday to Sunday.

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Street Workout

Finnish Sreet Workout brings a street workout competition to APCON. There will be competitors from all the Nordic countries and some Baltic countries. Each country will have two men and one woman in the competition.

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The best of Finland tackle the International lifters in a battle of bending bars as Finnish Weightlifting Association will host an Internationally sanctioned Capital Cup in Apcon.

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Girevoy Sport

Finnish Weightlifting Association will bring various competitions in the event, such as Finnish Veteran Championships, Strongsport International, Cup of Scandinavia International and Longcycle and Snatch.

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The first indoor Extreme Run will be arranged in Apcon. ExtremeRun is an obstacle race event.

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